Friday, 30 December 2011


Mullins Chain Drive

Man, Brandon Casquilho at Mullins Chain Drive does some of the highest quality components you'll ever come across, finish and attention to detail is fucking phenomenal and it's all done in house . . . . just hope the 39mm trees will suit the Project Super Duper Glide . . . . hopefully getting my photographic uploading shit together so I can get some visual stuff up for ya . . . . all the best for 2012 everybody !!!
Wine of the day, Simonnet-Febvre Cremant de Bourgogne Blanc N.V, fantastic Froggy sparkling that isn't Champagne but it's half the price, crisp yet elegant, sexy as fuck on the palate and goes wiyh just about anything - food, partying, Nude Years Eve, just getting on it, whatever, oh, and chicks are gonna fully dig it, ipso facto, you !!!
Song of the day Stone Roses 'Fools Gold', as funky as a bunch of white Mancunians could ever be, even without the amounts of eccy I did bck in the day, get jiggy with it as we slide into the New Year !!!

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