Friday, 30 December 2011


Just in from a thrash out in the pissing rain, even at 60mph the drops felt more like slug gun pellets on my old, unprotected face, but hey, I've never really dug full face lids and I choose not to wear those pseudo 1%er 'the pigs can't see my mug' anonymity wetsuit thingy's, so, no drama.
It's interesting being out in the wind and the rain, you see funny old guys on CT110's wearing sou'westers, kids on two stroke scooters, chicks on mid size commuters, young bucks on the latest sport rockets, all getting to where they need to be.
You know what I never, ever, ever see out in the middle of a full on soaker ?? HOG members. What the fuck is it with the majority of these merchandised out, faux biker clowns ??
Do they not realise their bikes are waterproof ? Cause none of em are riding anything old enough to be effected by inclement weather. Is the Bar and Shield emblazoned wet weather gear they spent a weeks wage on letting those pesky raindrops in to dampen their factory endorsed tees, socks and jocks ??
To me it's simply this . . . they've bought into the myth but only on fair weather, blue sky days, rain makes you wet, it grubby's up your 35k Blob Boy Fat Tail and it makes the big ride down to the local pose bar no fun at all. To quote a now iconic Aussie comic line . . . harden the fuck up !!!!
Riding in the pouring rain doesn't make you a man or a tough guy but it's as enjoyable in its own skin drenching, face stinging, sense heightening way as any punt done on a sunny, follow the Motor Company advertising way of life assault on the blacktop is.
Finally, and furthermore, getting on the scoot when Mother Nature is being an utter bitch improves your abilities to keep the shiny side pointing skywards . . . and that's gotta be a good thing. 


Mullins Chain Drive

Man, Brandon Casquilho at Mullins Chain Drive does some of the highest quality components you'll ever come across, finish and attention to detail is fucking phenomenal and it's all done in house . . . . just hope the 39mm trees will suit the Project Super Duper Glide . . . . hopefully getting my photographic uploading shit together so I can get some visual stuff up for ya . . . . all the best for 2012 everybody !!!
Wine of the day, Simonnet-Febvre Cremant de Bourgogne Blanc N.V, fantastic Froggy sparkling that isn't Champagne but it's half the price, crisp yet elegant, sexy as fuck on the palate and goes wiyh just about anything - food, partying, Nude Years Eve, just getting on it, whatever, oh, and chicks are gonna fully dig it, ipso facto, you !!!
Song of the day Stone Roses 'Fools Gold', as funky as a bunch of white Mancunians could ever be, even without the amounts of eccy I did bck in the day, get jiggy with it as we slide into the New Year !!!

Friday, 23 December 2011


Well, it's the Festering season and seeing's I've been a naughty, wilful boy as always no fucking chance the Fat Man is bringin me diddly . . . . so I treated myself to a matching numbers, unbutchered '74 FXE, still a genuine 74 cubes and apart from the almost universal ruination of many a Super Glide, the Wally Wide Glide/21" front end conversion [I mean, why would you???] she bloody brilliant and will make an excellent platform for what will be, you guessed it, a legit, hands on custom build.
After having shot my mouth off regarding superficial, stock aftermarket, glittershit, jewellery like stuff that lots of folk throw at their ride and then call it a 'custom built' bike, this will be my personal 'fuck off'' to that entire tawdry caper  . . . . obviously I ain't the first, not by about seventy years or so, but it's how I've always wanted to do it and even prior to this whole scene becoming public domain it's the modus operendi that has always lit my wick.
Form does follow function and if you can honestly tell me that those mega buck, masturbation machines that sprang from Swiss Family Turtle at OCC and all their tepid ilk the world over have any real function apart from a penis suibstitute for the terminally flacid, I'll eat shit for a month !!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Just a quicky . . . after being dicked around by the postal services of both Uncle Sam and Oz my Speed Merchant raw finish derby cover arrived a few weeks back . . . all I can say is, absolutely and totally unfuckingbelievable !!!
Not only was Denver Dan a pleasure to deal with but the product is top class, a genuine retro feel, effective cooling well above what I imagined and the appearance on the scoot is fully cool . . . if I don't say so myself.
For anybody out there running recent model Sporty's and Trumpy's and looking for great quality, beautifully styled aftermarket bits and bobs to tart up your ride, be sure to pay a visit to TheSpeedMerchant site and check his mega cool shit out . . . .you won't be disappointed !!!