Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Just recieved word back from Richmond's finest mind that the Mullins Chain Drive super narrow trees will have great difficulty, that is without some monumental additional machining costs, taking a Harley front brake of disc variety and likely even drum !!
Aside from that, the twisted genius that is Mr Casquilho, did suggest, most helpfully, that perhaps the use of one of Harrison's slim line calipers could be an option, that, or run a narrow Jap type drum. Oh well, gonna contemplate the problem over a glass or five of vino then pursue it further.
Just a quick word on crew like Brandon Casquilho, Denver Dan, Chopper Dave et al . . . from my perspective of having been involved in the 'alternate' bike scene, both professionally and as a rider, for nearly 30 years, these guys and those like them all over the planet, are almost without exception, genuine, passionate, disturbed beings who will offer their advice and assistance freely and with great modesty. That knowledge is born of real world, doing the job, riding the fucking bike experience.
So next time you're stumped with a concern, don't know the answer, want to buy some piece for your scoot or just need help, swallow your pride, shoot off an email or pick up the phone and get onto whoever it may be who can sort your shit out, avoid wasting time and money by fucking it up then having to do it all over again . . . be humble because guys like them invariably are.
Sharing the knowledge is what binds us together, make the most of it !!!

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