Friday, 23 December 2011


Well, it's the Festering season and seeing's I've been a naughty, wilful boy as always no fucking chance the Fat Man is bringin me diddly . . . . so I treated myself to a matching numbers, unbutchered '74 FXE, still a genuine 74 cubes and apart from the almost universal ruination of many a Super Glide, the Wally Wide Glide/21" front end conversion [I mean, why would you???] she bloody brilliant and will make an excellent platform for what will be, you guessed it, a legit, hands on custom build.
After having shot my mouth off regarding superficial, stock aftermarket, glittershit, jewellery like stuff that lots of folk throw at their ride and then call it a 'custom built' bike, this will be my personal 'fuck off'' to that entire tawdry caper  . . . . obviously I ain't the first, not by about seventy years or so, but it's how I've always wanted to do it and even prior to this whole scene becoming public domain it's the modus operendi that has always lit my wick.
Form does follow function and if you can honestly tell me that those mega buck, masturbation machines that sprang from Swiss Family Turtle at OCC and all their tepid ilk the world over have any real function apart from a penis suibstitute for the terminally flacid, I'll eat shit for a month !!

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