Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Buying a bike and then adding some aftermarket wheels, an aftermarket exhaust and some flash chrome shit, does NOT a custom creation make.
 Putting something together with your mates, in your garage, living room or wherever, from scrounged, haggled for second hand, well and truly used, old parts over a year, is . . . . it's fine to do it the first way but don't ever go mistaking that process for constituting a hand built custom anything.
My first Harley, bought brand new a year ago and now with 27,000 klms on it, has been done in the former method, it looks way cool, changed, stripped and altered dramatically from stock but it's not by any stretch of the imagination a custom build. It is a really fucking cool, reliable, relatively quick, everyday ride . . . the next one, the "project" will be the very thing the 48 isn't, a one off, custom hot rod ride! Like my previous Trumpy's, put together by me, for me, with substantial input from mates and other gurus, obviously, but it will be totally my interpretation of all I reckon to be cool in a chopped, streetable and useable "old school" [fuck! I hate that term] Harley. I promise the photos of the current production line, stripped and altered 48 will be up soon . . .then you can all see what I'm talkin about.
Bottom line, tripping into your local Harley dealer and dropping huge coin on a whole mess of factory pretty bits and standard aftermarket performance stuff ain't 'building' a bike, it's called merchandising, modification, shopping . . . . that's cool, just stop calling it a fucking custom !!!
Wine of the day, 2009 Savaterre, Beechworth, Victoria, Chardonnay - Insane plonk !! Complex, integrated, powerful and balanced, as good as chardy gets outside of Burgundy, slurp it with . . . shit, any white, cooked animal flesh, land, sea or air.
Tune of the day, Motorhead, Ace of Spades - they don't come any harder than Lemmy and the lads cranking it up, instant boner !!!

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